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Do you have a young boy on your Christmas shopping list? If so, the Lil Zoomers Spinnin Sounds Speedway is definitely one toy race track set to take a good look at. It is a fact; all boys love their cars, regardless of their age. This toy racetrack speedway is great for kids who are 6 months of age and up.

Ready, set, spin. Baby will love the put-and-take fun of placing two cool race cars on the ramp. They roll down and around on the swirling, light-up…

The basic idea of the toy is to race the cars around the track with the winner being the first car to get to the spinning flag. Your baby will be able to pick up each car given they are designed for small hands but he may get rather distracted from the need to win.

Not only do the cars act almost as rattlers as they make a noise when shaken, but the track makes musical noises too. The lights flash so between the cars moving and the musical songs being played there are loads of fun activities to amuse a baby. Even though it is aimed at young babies, they probably won’t get the hang of the fact it is a race until they reach a year old.

Does this toy have any downsides? Well, one downside might be that it doesn’t fold up so could be difficult to store if you are tight on space. Your child will probably always want to play it so this may not be much of an issue. It is also quite noisy but of course so are toddlers so that is to be expected. It doesn’t come with batteries so you will need to make sure you have at least 2AA batteries.

You will find there is a whole range of Lil Zoomers products. Mentioned on the most popular toys list for 2010 is the Spinnin Sounds Speedway. The Lil Zoomers Chase -n- Race ramps is also popular, as is the Rockin’ Roll Truck. The Chase n Race is very similar in concept to the Speedway while the Fisher Price Rockin’ Roll truck is a truck with a car that sits on the back. It also will need 2 AA batteries to make the lights flash and the music play. By using this toy race car set, your little boy will learn cause and effect, as he has to press the spoiler at the back to let the car tumble out.

Full of action and fun, the Chase ‘n Race Ramps wins every time When baby puts a car on the top of the ramp, it zooms down the ramp for a fun As the cars…
The Rockin’ Roll Truck delivers action, sounds and tunes to baby! It includes a car that sits on the bed of the truck and an easy to push handle. As…

Fisher Price is the maker of these toys, which means you can expect them to be somewhat educational. Holding the cars and pushing the buttons for music will help develop their fine motor skills. Having to crawl after the cars when they come off of the Spinnin Sounds Speedway ramp will also help their development. Your little boy will learn cause and effect using the truck, as he has to press the spoiler at the back to let the car tumble out.

Not only does a child benefit from the help it provides in the developed of these referenced skills, but it is a truly fun and exciting toy that a will provide a child with hours of awesome entertainment. If you want it under the tree for your little boy this Christmas, then be sure to order soon. Christmas is quickly approaching and it could easily sell out because it is a very popular kids rack track toy this holiday season.


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