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The Fine Print about 3d Laser Gifts One of the things that makes 3D Gifts so special is the fact that they are made possible with a patented laser technology called lithography. The artists at 3D Laser Gifts are not magicians, however, they do know a neat trick about making images into 3D shapes. With a vitrogrammer, the artists can imprint images on the surface of delicate precious stones, infusing the image with an extra dimension on the surface. Once the image has been imprinted on the stone, the artist takes the stone out of the display, leaving behind a clear, beautiful crystal that reflects the light from the image flawlessly.

Because the stones are unique, the crystals have a special meaning for the people that are given them. When the stone is set in a beautiful ornament, it is used as a piece of jewelry and worn proudly by the person who receives it. In addition to being a unique and beautiful object, the stone is also beautiful to look at because it is an example of the latest technological advances in art and the arts.

Each item is made from a unique and beautiful crystal. When a customer buys one of these beautiful products, they receive a certificate with a personalization that spells out the message that was engraved onto the stone. For more elaborate gifts, the customer may choose a certificate that includes a unique name or picture to be carved into the crystal. This gives everyone involved a lasting reminder of the special occasion and the love that was given.

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